HTML front-end learning (7) — BOM operation of JavaScript learning


Introduction to BOM operation

BOM operation
    Browser object modelbrowser object model
       Using JS code to operate the browser

Current page operation

Current page height and width

window.innerWidth; // 982
window.innerHeight; // 722

Open website

//Open a website, the second parameter is empty, and the third parameter writes the size and position of the window"","","height=800px width=400px");

Close current page


Window sub object

window. navigator. appName; //  Current browser location
window. navigator. userAgent; //  Is it currently a browser
window. navigator. appVersion; //  Current browser version
window. navigator. platform; //  Currently used platform, such as Win32

History object

window. history. back(); //  Back to previous page
window. history. forward(); //  Go to the next page

Location object

window. location; //  Get object
window. location. href; //  Current web address
window. location. href = " "; // assign a value and jump to the web address
window. location. reload(); //  Refresh page

Spring frame

Warning box


HTML front-end learning (7) -- BOM operation of JavaScript learning

Confirmation box


prompt box

Prompt ("give me Kangkang", "Altman");

Enter nothing:


Timer related

Triggered in a few seconds

function fun1() {
        Alter ("trigger after three seconds");
    setTimeout(fun1, 3000);
    //If you want to clear a scheduled task
    // let t = setTimeout(fun1, 3000);
    // clearTimeout(t);

The cycle is triggered after a period of time

function fun2() {
        Alert ("Altman");
    // setInterval(func2, 3000);
    //Repeat the pop-up warning box every three seconds within nine seconds
    function fun3() {
        let t = setInterval(fun2, 3000);
        function inner() {
        setTimeout(inner, 9000);