HTML front end knowledge


1、 Course introduction

1) Introduction to the concept of HTML language

2) HTML language code writing

2、 Course review

1) Introduction of network security course for 3 months

2) Network security laws and regulations

3) Introduction to basic knowledge of network security

4) Network security virus write bat batch file

5) Basic protection of network security

3、 Introduction to the concept of HTML language

In order to write web information

1) The role of HTML code language

2) Basic method of writing HTML code

3) HTML code writing exercise

Windows system features: when identifying the file type, it will identify according to the file extension name

4、 HTML language code writing method:

4.1 HTML element concept

  • HTML elements are some predefined tags. Different tags have different functions<b> <table> <title>
  • HTML element attribute to configure the extended function of the specified element
  • PS: when writing HTML code information, Chinese symbol information must not appear in the file

4.2 HTML basic tag information: basic element information

  • <p></p>– paragraph labels can wrap automatically, with spaces between paragraphs
  • <hn></hn>– set the header information. The range of general header information isn=1~6
  • <br>– set newline information in character content
  • <!-- This is a comment -->– adds comment description information at the specified code location, and the comment information is not displayed on the page
  • Element attribute:align="center"– set character information to center / right / left

4.3 HTML format setting method

  • <strong></strong>– bold the specified string information
  • <pre></pre>– display the format information of the code on the page (mainly controlling the line break and space information)
  • <address><address>– define some address description information, which will be displayed in italics
  • <blockquote></blockquote>– indicates that the specified content is indented
  • <del></del>– delete the specified information with a horizontal line
  • <ins></ins>– inserts the specified information and marks it with an underline

4.4 HTML entity introduction

  • If you want some special symbol information to be displayed directly on the page, it needs to be materialized

4.5 HTML hyperlink:

  • <a href="">This text</a>

    Hyperlink the specified file
  • <a href="lastpage.htm"><img border="0" src=".\images\next.gif"></a>

    Hyperlinks the specified image
  • Label properties:

    target="_blank": when the original window is linked, a new window will be opened for display

4.6 HTML framework:

  • The browser page is divided into several continuous pages to facilitate the compilation of page information

    The framework can integrate multiple information

4.7 HTML table

  • <table><table>– create table information
  • <tr>– table row information
  • <td>– table column information
  • <th>– table header information
  • Label properties:border– set table border to display border, and dotted line display border

4.8 HTML list function

  • <ul></ul>– generate list information label – unordered
  • type="square"– a symbol information before an unordered list
  • <ol></ol>– generate list information labels – ordered
  • <dl></dl>– custom list content information

    Function Description: write menu function, write directory structure function

4.9 httml form information:

You can generate the content of the input box, fill in the information in the input box, and finally use it to submit to the back-end service

  • <form></form>– set form label information
  • <input type="text" name="user">– set the form input box

Author: Chen Ting

Date: September 20, 2020

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