HTML body tag details and HTML common control tags


1、 < body > label:

Used to mark the body of a web page. The body element contains all the contents of the document (such as text, hyperlinks, images, tables, lists, and so on.)

1. Attributes available in the body tag:
Bgcolor = “color value”: set the background color of the whole web page
Text = “color value”: set the color of text
Link = “color value”: set the display color of general hyperlink text
VLink = “color value”: set the color of the visited hyperlink text display
Alink = “color value”: sets the display color of hyperlink text when the mouse is moved to the hyperlink and pressed
Bgcolor = “color value”: set the background color of the web page
Background: set the background image of the web page, which can be GIF or JPEG format (the background color of the web page will be overwritten (if the image is transparent, you can see the background color). Because the background property has a hierarchical relationship, it is better not to set the background image)

2、 Content in web page and browser margin attribute: by default, there is margin between the content of web page and browser border

Leftmargin = “pixel value”: sets the distance between the content in the web page and the left border of the browser
Rightmargin = “pixel value”: sets the distance between the content in the web page and the right border of the browser
Topmargin = “pixel value”: set the distance between the content in the web page and the upper boundary of the browser
Bottom margin = “pixel value”: set the distance between the content in the web page and the lower border of the browser

2、 Common control tags for HTML:

1. < br / >

2. < p >.. < / P >: paragraph label (a paragraph takes up a row, which is a block level element)
Attribute: align left (default) right center

3. < HR / > add a horizontal line

Pixel absolute setting, the length will not change with the change of the window
The percentage relative setting length changes with the width of the window
The pixel absolute setting is represented by a number, the larger the value, the thicker the line
The percentage relative setting is expressed in%, the larger the value, the thicker the line
Color: set color
Noshade = “noshade” set 3D display effect for horizontal line

4. < HX >.. < HX >: HTML title is defined by tags such as < H1 > – < H6 >, and < H1 > defines the largest title. < H6 > defines the smallest title (it doesn’t work beyond H6, and there are some hidden attributes: Auto segment, bold font).

Attribute: align: left right right right right center

5. < b >.. < / b >: bold text

6. < blockquote >… < / blockquote >: a text reference means that if a piece of text is quoted from another website, the text is included with the label and the attribute cite = referenced address is added (both sides of the included text will be indented)

Property: cite = URL (referenced address)

7. < pre >.. < / pre >: the text that defines the pre formatted text to be enclosed in the pre element usually retains spaces and line breaks. The text will also be rendered as an equal width font

8. < I >.. < I >: tilt

9. < strong >.. < / strong >: strengthen statement (BOLD)
10. < EM >.. < EM >: strengthen statement (tilt)
11. < address >.. < address >: the address will tilt automatically

12. < small >… < small >: small words

13. < big >… < / big >: large font

14. < del >.. < del >: delete will add a delete line

15. < ins >.. < ins >: modification will be underlined

16. < U >.. < / u >: underline
17. < s >.. < s >: strikethrough
18. < TT >… < TT >: telegraph font

19. < sup >.. < / sup >: superscript
20. < sub >. < / sub >: subscript

21. Common special character format: other entities in the manual

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