HP desktop computer boot error 162 how to do?


After HP commercial desktop is powered on, if any error is found during self-test, the problem will be reported in the form of error report. How to solve the problem of 162 system options not set error report of HP desktop is as follows

1. If it’s an HP BIOS machine, keep clicking when you turn it onPress F10 to enter BIOS,Select fileSet Time and Date,clickenter

2. Then set the current time. If the keyboard direction key cannot switch the cursor, please try to press”Tab key switchAfter setting, pressF10 save

3. Then selectFileNextSave Changes and ExitSave andExit BIOS

4. If the error is still prompted after restarting the computer or the machine of UEFI BIOS (UEFI BIOS does not have the option to set the time), please call HP 800 after sales technical support hotline directly. ‘

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