How was a php programmer with 1 year working experience abused by the interviewer?



First of all, I’m just an ordinary PHPer with one year’s graduation and one year’s work experience. My ability is limited. This article just shares my feelings and experiences in recent weeks, hoping to bring some harvest to many novices like me or in the Internet industry, Of course, where is wrong or insufficient, I hope the great gods can comment and supplement.

Gold, silver and four. At this time of year, many people want to take this opportunity to change jobs or join an industry. The purpose is very clear: they need a better environment and realize their value. In particular, the Internet industry, which has been very popular in the past decade, whether it’s just graduated, knocking on the code for several years, or entering the IT industry across banks, all hope to “get a high salary, learn knowledge and enjoy benefits”. Now, with the expansion of college enrollment and the reduction of it threshold, there are too many young program apes with “low technology and high goal” in the market (I’m also one of them), Coupled with the cold winter of the Internet this year, it is not easy to seek an interview opportunity, let alone take an offer. I’m not willing to waste my time in the current company. I don’t say the specific reasons, so I’m determined to find a new job. On the one hand, I want to prove myself, on the other hand, I want to get out of my comfort zone and give myself more challenges.

Awkward March

At the beginning, I was arrogant and spent half a day sorting out my resume. At that time, my resume should be good (the subsequent articles will describe in detail how to optimize my resume). The next day, I began to deliver my resume on boss direct employment and pull hook. At the beginning, I delivered 1-3 years of PHP development posts in Guangzhou, although the feedback ratio was not high, But I was lucky to receive several interview invitations. Then I left two days to review for myself. In fact, I googled PHP interview questions online and opened more than a dozen tabs for various interview questions. This is my so-called “brush more questions” operation. As a result, I can imagine that the things I saw were very messy, which basically forgot 7788 on the day of the interview. Many of them just remembered some answers, but they were not clear at all, See the specific interview below for the tragedy.

Inadequate preparation — the first round was not enough

First, a company in Pazhou, Guangzhou, with super good environment and good welfare, mainly engaged in beauty app. This is also an interview opportunity I most regret. At the beginning, there was a written test. The main content was a little biased towards the C language. There was almost no PHP. I only wrote some answers based on the fuzzy knowledge of the University. I forgot the specific time for a long time. I won’t talk about the written test content in detail here. Mainly the first round of interview:

  • First question: of the five data types of redis, only one string was answered.

  • Second question: do you know how redis achieves data landing and database synchronization? I don’t even know the data type. I can only say it clearly. I haven’t used it.

  • The third question: if the database volume is large, how do you optimize it? My answer: index well and optimize MySQL statements.

  • The fourth question: what MySQL statement optimization have you done in your work? My answer: I use where in (Id1, Id2…) for optimization…

In a year’s PHP development, in fact, I have not used redis much, but simply used string (also see my real dishes)

In fact, where in is the preloading of laravel orm. Where in is used to solve the N + 1 problem (see laravemanual for details). Where in is not more efficient than left join

Finally, after chatting for about 20 minutes, I asked HR to ask me some questions, such as my impression of the company. I should go through the process, and then let me go back and wait for the notice. Of course, there was no notice.

The foundation doesn’t pass — the second round can’t pass

Second, an insurance company next to Shenzhen University gave me the biggest blow. There were no written questions. In the first round, a young man of my age came for an interview. The questions were very simple. They were basically online interview questions, such as the difference between TCP and UDP, the three handshakes, the difference between include / require, etc. I basically answered them. Then a person with relatively sparse hair and more experienced came to interview me:

  • My resume mentioned a JWT related knowledge, so he asked me to describe specific things, the difference between session and so on. The project took a long time. I simply told him about JWT, but obviously I couldn’t satisfy him. I kept asking the bottom floor. At that time, I was very flustered and couldn’t remember.

  • How do PHP frameworks automatically load files? I answered the magic method__ Autoload and include, the other side asked, more specifically, is there anything else? I really can’t think of it

  • Write a linked list? can’t…

In fact, the interviewer should not have used JWT. The server actually has a private key secret string for signature, so as to achieve the effect of encryption and decryption verification before and after

The second problem should be that there is also an SPL_ autoload_ Register can be used to register multiple files

The third linked list. I regret that the University didn’t learn the data structure well. I have to make it up later

Finally, the interviewer directly gave the result: I’m sorry, your is not suitable for our company. I hope you can fill in more basic knowledge in the future. Don’t just stay able to use it. You should know why you can use it like this. Although it was a great blow, it was also this interview that made me recognize myself and know that I lacked too much knowledge and poor foundation.

I still like this kind of interview and give the interview results directly.

Lack of practice, too narrow range of knowledge — not direct

Third, the interviewer is Daniel. He used to be a friend network with Han Tianfeng. He is very nice and kind. There was no written test or self introduction. I mainly asked about my work experience. What impressed me was: did you catch the package, what tools to use, your understanding of TCP, and whether you used some languages to implement TCP… But I really didn’t practice. My knowledge is too narrow. I only know a little knowledge of rote. I talked for 20 minutes and left without results.

White happy offer — lucky

The fourth one is also in Shenzhen. The company seen on the recruitment website is not small, with 100-500 people, but the offer is another company. After checking online, it seems to be a subsidiary, which is a little outsourcing. There was no written test. A young man interviewed me and mainly asked me about laravel. It was generally in the manual, and my answers were not very complete. Finally, there is a question: what design patterns do you know and what are the six principles? For the design mode, I only stay in the single example and factory mode, and the answer to the six principles is not complete.

Finally, I was surprised. I think the company is in urgent need of personnel. I was also very satisfied with the salary I gave. I thought that after so many interviews, one of them finally accepted me and promised that the other party would go to work next week. The first thing I did when I returned to the company the next day was to ask our director to resign and leave in a week. As a result, I was told to go through the handover process for one month. In fact, at that time, my things were basically handed over, and the project was not large, but the reason given by the company was that if you didn’t work handover, you didn’t work at ordinary times and your work was not saturated, which would affect the subsequent recruitment. On the one hand, I dare not resign naked in advance. Many people are in the cold winter of the Internet, so they wait until they get the offer to leave. At this time, the old owner’s administration has promised to go through the process for a month, and the new company will arrive after another week. There is no discussion… Finally, I gave up the offer. On the one hand, I thought that the company was a little outsourcing. On the other hand, it always worried me to send an offer in the name of a subsidiary. After all, during the internship, one company recruited in the name of Tencent. After entering, I found that it was a Tencent automobile agent…


The above is the most impressive companies I interviewed in March. They were basically abused. Of course, they were all because they were not well prepared and had a poor foundation, resulting in a waste of many opportunities. Therefore, I would like to warn you that if you are determined to leave, you should be fully prepared. This preparation should not be just the so-called brushing interview questions. Later, I will open another article to specifically describe how I spent two weeks – “planned, efficient and excellent resume” after many interview failures, and finally successfully got my favorite offer.

Have a plan – if you plan your daily learning objectives, you mainly have nearly 10 aspects of knowledge, such as operating system, computer network, mysql, etc

Efficiency – I will introduce how I can remember some core knowledge efficiently and cover interview knowledge points as much as possible

Excellent resume – interview is the first step, and resume is the key. I will introduce how I optimize my resume

There should be hundreds of resumes submitted in March, and only seven or eight of them should be interviewed. In addition to the above-mentioned several, others are outsourcing or start-up companies. Someone even asked me to start a business with them and develop small programs with a front-end Intern (laugh and cry). In short, the current market situation is not good, but there is still a chance to get an interview. If you have just graduated, you’d better take the school recruitment. If you have one or two years of work experience like me, you should make good preparation, rather than complaining about the bad environment and just want not to do it. Of course, some of the great gods of 985211 should go to a large factory or take the postgraduate entrance examination. The goal is more ambitious. I am a person who considers reality. At present, it is very difficult for me to go to a large factory with my strength and educational background, so I can only seek growth in small and medium-sized companies whose conditions are not too poor. Programmers should use practical actions to prove themselves, down-to-earth, don’t look high and have low hands. This is my personal idea.

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