How to wake up app with one click in wechat


As wechat has occupied most of your time, it’s a great way to promote apps. If a user successfully opens an app, it’s the first step to success. How to attract users is a matter of content. But when you want users to do more operations in the app, how to let users wake up the app directly in wechat first to improve the usage rate of the app?

The traditional methods are as follows:
1. Wechat’s internal white list can add your own app to the white list, and you can have a smooth flow. But I’m afraid it’s hard to realize if it’s not wechat’s own son.

2. App treasure can be put on the shelf, click “download now” in wechat browser, and then jump to app treasure in wechat. App treasure cooperates with app store, and automatically clicks and jumps to download details page. If the user clicks the [open] button, the app will wake up. But this operation is not suitable for promotion.

3. There is a “more” in the upper right corner of wechat. Click it and choose to open it in the browser. Jump to the browser with parameters to determine whether to install or log in.

The above three kinds of basic can be dissuaded, the traditional can’t work, at this time we need to use wechat to evoke the app interface, simply speaking, clicking the link or QR code can directly evoke the app, skipping wechat to open the app, avoiding being blocked, this interface can be said to be highly practical, bringing great convenience to the people promoting the app.
How to wake up app with one click in wechat
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