How to view the shearboard in win10 system


Win10 computer daily operation will use the copy paste function, which will use the clipboard, how to view the clipboard? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial.

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1. Download clipbrd.exe Software this paper provides software download. After completion, in the disk where the file is saved, left click and double-click:clipbrd.exe Documents;

2、decompression file

In the open unzip compressed file window, click:Unzip it to,After confirming the path to save the extracted file, click OK;

3、clipbrd.exe How to use

We’re on diskE:\Find and double-click with the left button clipbrd.exe folder;

4. Right click:clipbrd.exe fileIn the right-click menu, click Copy;

5. EnterExplorer system disk windows-System 32Right clickBlank space – paste;

6. At this time, a dialog box will pop up. We can click:continue

7. Click continue, thenclipbrd.exe writingThe file is pasted into the system 32 folder;

8. And then we will clipbrd.exe Paste the file to the system desktop;

9. Click on the clipbrd.exe File icon to view the contents of the clipboard.

The above is how to use win10 shear board. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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