How to View the Installation Date of the Computer System and How to Query the Installation Date and Running Time of the Computer System


Do you want to know the installation time and running time of your computer system? The next edition teaches you how to make a small tool to check when your computer is installed and how long it has been running. In order to be more effective and intuitive, I try to take screenshots at every step. Hands teach you how to operate. The methods are as follows:

The Method of Computer Query System Installation Date and System Running Time

Open the Notepad first. The Notepad can be found in “Start – Procedure – Attachment”

Copy the following code into a text file

@echo off
color 70
C: windows system32 systeminfo | find “initial installation date”
C: windows system32 systeminfo | find “system start-up time”
Echo exits by pressing any key.

Click on “File – Save as” and a dialog box will pop up. First, choose the storage path, which is usually placed on the desktop, and then fill in the file name: “View the installation and running time of the system. cmd.” Remember that the suffix name must be. cmd. As for the name, you can choose it as you like. Good name.

After filling in these, click Save and you will get such a running file on the desktop:

Double-click on this widget, you can know your computer system installation, is it very simple ah, here again emphasize that the suffix name of the running file must be cmd. Look, what’s the date of installation of Xiaobian’s computer and how long it runs today. It’s clear from a look. Note: the suffix name must be. cmd.

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