How to view SSD manufacturers in MacBook Air / Pro


Both MacBook Air and macbook pro (retina display) are equipped with SSDs, which makes their performance more perfect and can support more operations. However, MAC has two SSD manufacturers, Samsung and Toshiba. Among them, SSDs made by Samsung will be better. You must want to know how to view SSDs in MAC. Now let Xiaobian teach you.

 查看MacBook Air/Pro中SSD制造商的方法

Viewing steps:

1.0 in OS X operating system, open the “system information” program in the “application” – “utilities” file

2.0 click the “serial ATA” item under “hardware”

3.0 expand the “serial ATA” device in the upper right area, and you can see “Apple SSD sm128c” or similar words. This is the SSD that your apple computer is equipped with

4.0 here, you can know the SSD manufacturer, model and storage capacity. SM or TS words on the back of Apple SSD, SM is the SSD made by Samsung, and TS is made by Toshiba. If other models are displayed, it means that your apple computer has upgraded its SSD by itself. The number 128, 256 or 512 in the rear is the SSD storage capacity.

If you want to know whether your Mac is an SSD made by Samsung, check it in this way.