How to view computer browsing records? How to view browsing records through computer logs


There are three levels of computer logs. The first type of information: we can ignore this kind of information, which is generally the trace of the normal operation of the program; Every two kinds of errors: we should focus on this kind of information, because this kind of information represents that there are errors in the program or system, and the errors we want to fix appear here; The third is warning: if our system or software can run normally, we can also ignore this kind of information.

How to view browsing records through computer log:

We don’t usually use it to check the computer usage record, because this function is mainly used when there are errors. There are two main types of computer logs. One is the system log, which is the record of the operation of the operating system; One is the program log, that is, the log of software operation in the system. If there is a problem with the system, the diary of the system will be recorded. Software problems appear in the software diary.

The method of viewing computer usage records is relatively simple. This article is applicable to win8 and win10. There are some differences between XP and xin7, which are not covered in this article.

1-1: open any folder of the computer, you can see the icon of [this computer] in the directory tree on the left, and right-click to select [management], as shown in the following figure.

1-2: in the pop-up dialog box, system tool – Event Viewer: all computer records are stored here. The operation is as follows

1-3: continue to find the windows log, and we can see the application and system logs

1-4: when there is a problem with your computer, you can view the specific information, as shown below

1-5: through the above operations, you should learn to find computer records. The computer system is very powerful, and the log records are also very detailed. Basically, there will be clear error information to facilitate you to solve the problem.