How to vectorize ArcGIS? ArcGIS vectorization novice tutorial


What is vectorization?

Vectorization is to turn the scanned image or image of the grid into a vector file,Vectorization is to turn the scanned image or image of the grid into a vector file

ArcGIS is an indispensable software in the geographic information industry. I have used ArcGIS for ten years. Its function is very powerful and complex. Many novices don’t know how to vectorize ArcGIS. Today we help you sort out a vectorization process.

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First, open ArcGIS software (ArcMap). Data vectorization is to convert raster data into vector data. In ArcGIS, use the add data button to open raster data and GDB data or SHP data or MDB data to be used for vector. All three kinds of data can be used to store vector quantized data.

Then, start editing vector data and right-clickData – edit features – start editing

Then, the data template (named by the data name) in the create feature window that pops up in the previous step.

then,Use the mouse to draw according to the figure shape in the grid image,Generally, nodes are added at the inflection point (click the left mouse button to add nodes). After drawing, double-click.

Then attribute the just completed data, that is, enter the description type in the attribute table, such as “house”.

Then, use the mouse to depict the next figure, such as the road in the figure. This cycle describes various ground objects in the image. Here is the process of vectorization.

last,The most important step is to save the edits, without this step, the previous operations are futile. Therefore, when we complete the vector, we must click Save edit: editor in the toolbar – save edit.

be careful:Generally, in the process of vectorization,Save edits are made every half an hourTo prevent problems such as computer and software crash.

The above is the novice tutorial of ArcGIS vectorization. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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