How to use vs2013 rich client visual experience function?


When using vs2013, you sometimes need to set and enable rich client visual experience, but this function needs to be turned on by yourself. Many friends can’t find a location. Today, let’s introduce in detail the skills of opening rich client visual experience in vs2013.

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Visual studio 2013 official simplified Chinese flagship / professional official edition (vs2013 MSDN original complete ISO image)
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2018-04-22Download now

First, you need to open a vs2013 interface

Then click VS2013 In the menuTools menu

After clicking the tools menu, theThe drop-down menu is selected asoption

Enter the options interface and click the middle button on the leftroutineoption

Entering the general interface,Check the enable rich client visual experience option on the

After checking the enable rich client visual experience option, click OK

These are the tips for enabling rich client visual experience in vs2013. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developeppaer.

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