How to use the search engine correctly to find the desired content


It mainly introduces the use skills of Google and Baidu search engines


The premise is that you can access the Internet

Exact search: double quotation marks

Precise search is to add double quotation marks to the search keywords, which is equivalent to accurately matching keywords.
For example, search: “front end open source project”

Site search: Site

This is a commonly used search method. Site search is to search in the station.

Syntax:site:url, whereSite: add the website address you want to search

For example, if you want to search for articles related to components on the Chinese website of figma, you can enter them in the search box
Site: +Space + component

As shown in the following figure, you will find that all the resulting addresses are, which means to search for the answers you want in this website.

In addition, thetoolThere are three options: language, time and result

Wildcard search:*

Wildcard search, equivalent to fuzzy search

For example:
I want to search a song: the lyrics include: “thank you for inviting me to witness your love. I’m just a guest”.

We can search directly:*I'm just a guest

Minus sign exclusion, narrow the range:-

When the search volume is large, use the minus sign-, you can remove some irrelevant searches.

Document search: filetype

Document search command:filetypeSearch for the required information in multiple terms. The returned page is the format of the document you want to search.

For example:
You need the PDF of Suso JavaScript (Fourth Edition), that is: filetype:pdf+ space +javascript authoritative guide (Fourth Edition)

Image search

Application scenario: when we see a good picture on the Internet, but the picture size is too small or fuzzy, we can search with Google pictures to find similar pictures or high-definition pictures

Baidu search engine

If you can’t access the Internet and use Google, you can try to use Baidu’s common search techniques. This is often used by companies to optimize SEO.

Here are some advanced tips for using grammar to search in Baidu:

Intitle- the search scope is limited to the page title

intitle: there should be no space between and the following keywords.
For example: intitle: front end development

Search is limited tokeywordIn the page title of

Keywords is used to tell the search engine what the keywords of your web page are.

Keywords in the web page code, as a descriptive tag, appears in the name attribute. The content attribute is used to define a group of keywords or keywords for the web page. When the main content of the page is lacking, the brief content of the web page is explained to the search engine.

<meta name ="keywords" content="science, education,culture,politics,ecnomics,relationships, entertaiment, human">
<title> personal website </title>

Site – the search scope is limited to a specific site

The search scope is limited to specific sites.

If you know that there is something you need to find in a site, you can limit the search scope to this site and improve the query efficiency.

  • site: do not bring the following site domain namehttp://
  • site: and site nameSpace

Inurl search scope is limited to URL links

Some information in web page URL often has some valuable meaning. If you restrict the URL of search results, you can get good results.

For example: front end tutorial inurl:video

The query word “front end tutorial” can appear anywhere on the web page, while “video” must appear in the web page URL.


Double quotes “”

Exact search: double quotation marks

Query words in double quotation marks"", it means that the query words cannot be split and must appear completely in the search results, so that the query words can be accurately matched.
Without double quotation marks"", may be split after Baidu analysis.

Book name

Query words plus book name have two special functions

First, the book name will appear in the search results;
Second, the contents enclosed by the book title will not be split.

For example: Javascript advanced programming (version 4)

Book title numbers are especially effective in some cases. For example, if the query word is mobile phone, in many cases, the communication tool mobile phone will come out if the book title number is not added. When the book title number is added, the result of “mobile phone” is all about movies.

-No specific query words

The minus sign grammar for query words can help you exclude all pages containing specific keywords from search results.

Example: full stack engineer java

The query word “full stack engineer” is in the search results, and “Java” is excluded from the search results.

+Contains specific query terms

The plus sign + syntax for query words can help you to include all pages with specific keywords in search results.

Example: full stack engineer +node

The query term “full stack engineer” in the search results, “node” must be included in the search results.

Filetype search specifies the document format

Filetype syntax can be used to restrict the query words to appear in the specified document. The supported document formats include PDF, Doc, xls, PPT and RTF. It is very helpful for finding documentation.

Filetype:pdf JavaScript advanced programming (4th Edition)

However, compared with Google, Baidu’s search is to put its own products in the front, as shown in the figure above. Baidu’s own products, Baidu Library, are in the front.

Baidu advanced search page


In Baidu search, the site command and the double quotation mark keyword “” are used more and are the easiest to remember.


[front end github]:

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