How to use the Notepad + + column block editing mode function?


Notepad + + software comes with aColumn block editingThe function of allows us to edit and change data in a wide range. Let’s take a look at the use of this software.

Software name:
Text code editor (Notepad + +) v7 8.9 multilingual official Chinese installation version
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2020-07-17Download now

1. First, open the txt document to be edited with Notepad + +, right-click and select【Edit with Notepad++】open

2. The open document is shown in the figure, which is a list of regular image file names,I looked at 657 lines in total

3. If you want to add a string to each file name“resize.exe”,Adding line by line is obviously a waste of energy, which is needed at this timeColumn block editingYes. First, position the cursor at the first position of the string to be inserted, as shown in the figure

4. Select the of the menu bar【Edit]-【Column block editing

5. Click Select【insert text】, enter the text to batch insert below

6、【determine】The effect is shown in the figure

7. Similarly, to insert an incremental sequence, first position the cursor at the beginning of the insertion

8. Enter column block editing and click this time【Insert number】, enter【Initial quantity and increment

9. After confirmation, the effect is shown in the figure,A 0 start occurred, an arithmetic sequence in increments of 1

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