How to use the expired MAC flash


Some users always show that flash is out of date when they watch online videos or browse some websites on the Mac. They need to download a new version, but they don’t see the update information on the official website of adobe. Originally, for security reasons, Apple has remotely blocked all versions of Adobe Flash player plug-ins in OS X on Mac. Including the newly released version and the older version, are all on the block list. When users use Safari browser to access flash content, they will receive prompt information such as plug-in blocked, flash security warning, flash expired, etc.

This means that users cannot view flash content through safari. When users access flash content with Safari browser, they will see the prompt information such as plug-in blocked, flash security warning, flash expired, etc. Of course, many users do need to use flash plug-ins, such as uploading pictures on wechat public platform, watching Youku and so on, and downloading other browsers to use. But I’m used to safari. In fact, it can be used under simple settings. Apple will also ask users to download the new version of flash player, but in fact, Adobe has not released any updates, so users either give up watching flash or take security risks.

Because the web page running flash can cause many MAC problems, such as: fever, wind speed, security, etc., so you have to accept these if you want to use flash, which is also the reason why Apple abandoned flash. If you want to continue to use flash on MAC, you can use other browsers. Of course, Safari’s loyal users can also use it through settings

1. When I want to add pictures to Youku or the public platform, the flash on the web page has expired:

2. Open Safari’s preferences:

3. Find the Internet plug-ins under the security menu, allow plug-ins to be checked by default, and click to open the website settings.

4. Look at the left side of the figure below to find the Adobe Flash play of the plug-in category:

5. Find the website where you want to use flash. For example, if I want to add pictures to wechat public platform, select always run in the right option bar, and then click finish in the lower right corner.