How to use the bus function in the map of MAC new system?


The map application in El capitana10.11, the new Mac OS system, has also been updated. All maps have the function of public transportation. Finally, MAC adds “public transportation” to the new system. Although it’s a late happiness, it’s better than nothing. Apple adheres to the excellent application production, which makes our eyes bright.

1. Open the Apple App of MAC, update the system El Capitan 10.11, and add “public transport” to the map

2. Enter the destination at the top

3. By default, the bus line from your current address to the input location can be adjusted according to your choice

4. In MAC map, what I think is more humanized is the marking of each road section after I click each line

5. Click each section of road, the map will automatically enlarge to fit the window size, so as to view the map easily

6. And accurate to every station, you can see 3D modeling of Gaud map, exquisite and beautiful