How to use pycharm2017 registration code? How to obtain and activate pycharm2017 registration code


How to get pychar 2017 registration code? How to use it? Pycharm 2017 is a tool that can help users improve their efficiency when using Python language development, including debugging, syntax highlighting, project management, code jump, intelligent prompt, automatic completion, unit testing, version control, etc. it also provides users with a series of advanced functions, which can be used to support professional web development under Django framework. Next, let’s talk about the specific method of pycharm2017 registration code acquisition and activation. It’s very practical. Let’s have a look!

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JetBrains pycharm 2017.3 special edition of Sinicization (with sinicization package + method)
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How to use pychar 2017 registration code?

Note: before using the registration code, please change “” to “0.0.0” ”Add to the hosts file,

Add method:

1. The hosts file can be found in C:: (Windows) system32 (drivers) etc

2. Enter the right mouse button to open the hosts file in the form of Notepad, and then click “” ”Add it to the back of the file and click save

How to get pycharm2017 registration code:

1. The way to get the registration code of the program is very simple, first enter the website

2. Then click “get registration code”

3. After that, you can get the desired registration code in the pop-up window, and the user can copy it

4. At the same time, when registering, the user name must be “Lan Yu”, that is, the user name in the web address just opened

2017 online activation pychar method:

(1) In the license server of the activation interface, enter:; Or: click Help → register → license sever and enter

(2) Copy the registration code just obtained, paste it into the input box of activation code in the registration interface, and click OK.

At the end of the article, the above is about how to use the pycharm2017 registration code? Pycharm2017 registration code acquisition and activation methods are introduced, I hope you can have a harvest after reading! For more information about pychar, please continue to pay attention to the developer website!