How to use picture frame in VB6.0?


How to use the picture box in VB6.0? Now let’s go into a detailed tutorial.

Software Name:
Visual Basic 6.0 Streamlined Installation Edition
Software size:
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1. Start up our software and build a new standard Exe project.

2. Next we find it in the toolboxPicture box control

3. At this time, we can draw directly on the page.

4. If we want more convenience, we can do it directly.Double-click the control,It can be successfully rendered.

5. When we have finished drawing, we can double-click.Draw picture boxesGet intocode window

6. If we are not satisfied with his appearance at this time, we can do it inproperties windowChange in.

The above is the use of VB6.0 picture box, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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