How to use picture button as reset form button


We often set a submit button and a reset button when making the form. Sometimes we may use some small pictures to replace these buttons for the sake of the good-looking page. The method of using pictures for the submit button is very simple, I believe everyone will. So how to use the picture button as the reset form button? Please keep looking down.

Let’s say I have two images: Submit button image ok.gif and reset button image reset.gif

The code for submitting the form with pictures is: < input type = “image” SRC = “OK. GIF” ALT = “” width = “93” height = “33” border = “0” / >

The code of using picture as reset form is: < input type = “image” SRC = “reset. GIF” ALT = “” width = “93” height = “33” border = “0” onclick = “reset(); return false;” / >

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