How to use OKR to manage the team?


OKR is an advanced team management method based on results and completion, which was invented by Andy Grove, founder of Intel. Based on Zhixin OKR management, the application determines the monthly / quarterly / annual objectives through transparency, splits and decomposes the key results (confirm the completion progress every week), and then assigns the key results to team members for daily task execution, so as to gradually achieve the annual objectives and improve management efficiency and work efficiency.

In foreign countries, many companies have skillfully used OKR management methods, and large domestic factories have also used them early. Therefore, by asking whether you have used OKR to lead the team, HR can know your previous work habits, work methods, whether your work philosophy is traditional or advanced, whether you can lead the team, whether you can adapt to the work style of large factories, etc.

Using OKR management method, enterprises can help employees determine the order of work items every day, week and month, and set strategies and goals for the enterprise and team within a certain period. At the end of each cycle, OKR can help you evaluate the implementation and completion of team goals.

What is OKR?


Every company has a goal that it is eager to achieve in the future, but choosing the right goal is often not so simple. It takes a lot of energy to think and a lot of courage to improve, such as a large-scale goal such as sales of 100 million or increasing the reduction of business opportunities. There are many ways to achieve this goal, and these methods are Kr below.
How to use OKR to manage the team?

Key Results

Key results is a process or result description of the objective set above. It has specific values. For example, if you want to increase the website registration, you should not set it as “significantly increase the web page registration”, but be more specific: the average daily registration exceeds 100.
How to use OKR to manage the team?


Tiktok is not finished yet. There is also a Execute. It is a way to realize KR. It is a specific event based on specific time. For example, to enhance the website registration, we can do Baidu, headlines, shake, promotion, know what articles, etc. when to start, when to knot, whether the task is completed, if not completed, timely adjust and explain the reasons, so as to urge each task to be carried out smoothly and on schedule. What’s more, KR is a good way to achieve the goal of the task. So as to promote the steady progress of the work.
How to use OKR to manage the team?

If Zhixin OKR is used, there are OKR kanban. Through OKR Kanban, the enterprise staff team leader can know the current OKR progress. If there is Caton stagnation, the team leader can also respond immediately and adjust in time.
How to use OKR to manage the team?

It is not difficult to know the OKR theory, but to implement it. Many people know OKR theory more or less, and it is difficult to implement OKR when it is implemented in the company. First, the implementation method is wrong. In addition, OKR can only be implemented based on the system. Many companies do not have a system, or the system does not have a special OKR management reference, so the implementation fails. OKR system recommends our Zhixin OKR management application. Now you can register and try it for free.

How to implement OKR?

OKR is the first communication tool: everyone in the team should write OKR, and all these okrs will be put in one document. Any employee can see what is the most important goal of each person in this quarter and what is the goal of the team in this quarter.
OKR is the direction and goal of efforts: OKR represents where you are going, not where you are going.
OKR must be quantifiable (time & quantity). For example, setting exercise goals during fitness is definitely not a good OKR if it is only defined as “we should strive to improve our physical fitness”, because it cannot be measured. A good OKR is “for example, the running time in 2021 is twice that in 2020”.

Goals must be the same: the goals of the makers and executors are the same, and the goals of the team and individuals are the same. Firstly, formulate the OKR of the company; Secondly, each team sets its own OKR; Third, each engineer or designer writes his own OKR. These three steps are completed independently, and then the OKR of the three is compared and coordinated. OKR has nothing to do with individual performance, because the results of OKR system are not directly linked to everyone.

If the goal is ambitious, there are some challenges, and some make you uncomfortable. Generally speaking, the “best” OKR score is between 0.6-0.7. If someone only gets 1 point, his OKR goal is obviously not ambitious enough. However, people with low scores should not be blamed, but should help him improve his OKR target for the next quarter by looking at his work data.

Follow up OKR from time to time through the review of monthly meeting: it is a process to help achieve the goal to determine how to achieve the goal at the monthly meeting.

Timely adjust OKR through quarterly meeting review: the Internet changes very fast. There is a review of OKR every quarter. The principle of adjustment is that the objectives remain unchanged and only the key results are allowed to be adjusted.

OKR management tool recommendation

Contemporary enterprises basically have enterprise wechat, nailing and other attendance and collaborative office tools. Some companies also configure CRM to manage customers and business opportunities. However, these system platforms have single functions and can not be used to record, upload, update and view OKR data. Therefore, if they are determined to implement OKR, they need to purchase an OKR management application to promote the implementation.

There are many mature OKR management tools on the market, such as flying book, wig table, Zhixin, etc. are relatively good OKR management tools, especially the Zhixin platform. Due to the low code development mode, it has strong flexibility and does not need code foundation. You can add and delete the functions of system modules by dragging and dropping, and support the operation of mobile terminal; Moreover, it can connect with existing platforms and systems such as enterprise wechat, nailing and CRM to seamlessly connect old and new data. The most important thing is that the price is cheap, which is half of the traditional OKR management tools, and can also be used by small enterprises.