How to use mobile phones to let computers access the Internet


Use the mobile phone to let the computer surf the Internet, treat the mobile phone as a “cat”. The general cat uses the telephone line, while the mobile phone uses the wireless signal. If you need a friend, please try it.

There is a decent mobile phone, data line (if there is no data line, it is OK to support Bluetooth, but the computer must also support Bluetooth, and data line is recommended), so the hardware is satisfied. When buying a mobile phone, some of them will be accompanied by a random CD-ROM. the CD-ROM is generally the use of mobile phone tutorials, drivers, software, examples of music and videos. Some of them will be better.

Then there is the question of operation.

First (optional), set the online mode on your phone. imageSamsung mobile phoneIn “Phone settings”There’s a“USB settings”, USB setting should be selected“Modem “.Some mobile phones will pop up a dialog box to let you choose when connecting to the computer.

After the phone is set up, connect the phone to the computer and check whether the phone is correctly identified. The general task bar will pop up a message about whether the new hardware is installed successfully. Another way to check is: my computer – right click – manage – Device Manager double click the modem to see if there is a device displaying ***** modem. Generally, it starts with the brand of the mobile phone. For example, my Huawei mobile phone is “Huawei CDMA handset – Modem”. If yes, it means that the connection is normal and the mobile phone has been correctly identified; if there is no modem in this column or there is no corresponding brand of modem display in this column, or there is an unknown device, it means that the mobile phone has not been correctly identified, then there should be no appropriate driver. As for the installation driver, the computer will prompt whether to search automatically or in the specified location. Generally, the CD-ROM drive and C: \ windows are selected for the specified location (check “including subfolders”). If the driver has any, it should be in these two directories. If the mobile phone has the Attached CD-ROM, put the CD-ROM in. If you still can’t find the corresponding driver, you can only go to the corresponding mobile phone official website to have a look and install the next driver.

Mobile phone recognition is easy to say, as long as step-by-step in the computer to set up a dial-up connection. Detailed steps and corresponding screenshots are given below (including Win XP and win 7, and Vista refers to win 7).

XP:Open network neighborhood first, right-click the property in the blank space

Left network task: create a new connection:

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