How to use macOS Sierra automatic unlock? Apple Watch Auto-unlock Mac Computer Setup Tutorial


Apple pushed MacOS Sierra beta 2 firmware update on July 6. One of the highlights of this update is to add the function of using Apple Watch to automatically unlock Mac computers. Here’s how to set it up. Let’s take a look at it.

苹果macOS Sierra beta2开发者预览版上手:用Apple Watch解锁Mac电脑

The MacOS Sierra beta 2 version is 16A239j, and the public beta version will also be released in July. Auto Unlock is the most important function of MacOS Sierra introduced by Apple on WWDC 2016. This function was finally added in the second beta version. So how to use this function?

Dead work

First, your Mac needs to be upgraded to the latest version of MacOS Sierra beta 2At present, the system supports the following devices: MacBook and iMac released in late 2009 and later, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and MacPro released in 2010 and beyond.

Next, you need to upgrade the Apple Watch operating system to watchOS beta1 or beta2.And then it’s important to note that,Apple ID on the user’s device must turn on 2FA authentication (two-factor authentication), 2FA is different from 2SA (two-step authentication), and 2FA should be turned off before starting 2FA.

Five-step setup

Step 1: Set a password for your Apple Watch

Step 2: Open System Settings – Security and Privacy – Universal on Mac, and select “Allow Your Apple Watch to Unlock Your Mac”

Step 3: Enter your Mac password, and when you enter it correctly, you will see a “Opening” prompt.

Step 4: Lock the Mac. On the screen, you will be prompted to unlock the Mac with your Apple watch. You can unlock the Mac by holding it in front of the screen.

Demo Video

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Above is a tutorial about Apple Watch automatic unlocking Mac computer settings introduced by developpaer editor, you can refer to it, I hope it will be helpful to you all! Welcome to continue to pay attention to other information!

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