How to use macid for OS X


How to use macid? Today Xiaobian let you quickly familiar with this software. The process of setting the macid is too simple, so there is not much introduction to this aspect, but you need to make some preparations to use the macid, otherwise you will not be able to use it!

First of all, you need to make sure that the MAC is upgraded to Yosemite, the macid client is installed and Bluetooth is turned on, the IOS device is upgraded to IOS 8, the macid for IOS app is installed, and the Bluetooth module is downloaded and turned on.

1. Start the macid client on the Mac and find it on the menubar. Of course, it is not connected by default. Select “setup”:

苹果macid怎么用 macid for os x使用教程

2. First, find the IOS device you want to pair from the drop-down menu and click “continue”:

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3. Macid needs to get permission to unlock the MAC system, so you need to enter the OS X account password:

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4. You don’t need to do anything on the IOS side, they will automatically link, and then you can see that the status is “connected to device” on the Mac. And you can see your Mac on the IOS app:

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  Unlocking process using macid

Here’s how to unlock the MAC on the iPhone 5S with macid for IOS:

In the MAC client menu of macid, you can directly click “lock screen” to lock the MAC screen. In the lock screen interface, the icon of macid appears on the left side of the password input box. If your Mac and IOS device are in normal connection state, the icon is solid. If it is empty, it means that it has been disconnected and you need to connect again

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After locking the MAC screen, the machine will automatically turn black. When you wake up the Mac, no matter what state your iPhone is in, whether the screen is locked, or in the IOS home screen or other apps, macid will push you a prompt to unlock the MAC through the NC

If you are in macid for IOS, it will automatically pop up the touch ID fingerprint control, put your finger on it, and your Mac will be unlocked. I think this operation is more practical than the “two shots of the device” of knock.

If your IOS device is locked, you can also directly slide left on the information item and click “authorize” to call the touch ID fingerprint control.

If you miss the unlock prompt, you can also use the left swipe gesture on the MAC device list in IOS app to call the “lock screen”, “wake up” and “fingerprint unlock” buttons.

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