How to use federal computing to improve the effect of RTA delivery?


Introduction: Baidu security federal computing, on the basis of ensuring the security and controllability of data privacy, realizes cross enterprise data cooperation and provides more accurate target audience for RTA delivery.

Technical advertising mode has become a trend

With the development of transaction form and directional technology, online advertising has formed the delivery mode of RTB (real time bidding) and RTA (real time API, real-time interface) targeting at people. In this mode, the advertising platform connects advertisers and media resources. Based on AI technology and big data capabilities, it deeply digs brand and user characteristics for different industries, provides full link precision marketing strategy support, achieves one-stop all media user reach, and promotes cost reduction and efficiency increase of marketing strategy.

How to use federal computing to improve the effect of RTA delivery?

Figure: business process of online advertising RTB delivery mode

How to delineate accurate target users for RTA by means of technology?

In order to delineate more accurate target users, it is an effective means to integrate the data of advertisers, advertising platforms, media and other parties on the premise of security. The accurate target user group can reduce the traffic loss when RTA is launched, and mine the data in real time, and make a quick response to the user interest migration, so as to optimize the advertising effect.

For example, if the media user is already the advertiser in the exposure and promotion scenario of advertising, then this part of users will not bring the effect of pull new, and can be regarded as non target users. If the advertiser’s user data can be combined with the media’s user data to obtain the above non target user set. In this way, the advertising platform can query the advertisers before the exposure and promotion, filter out these non target users, and obtain more accurate targeted delivery.

However, due to the requirements of data privacy security and compliance regulation, cross enterprise data cooperation still faces many challenges, and the phenomenon of data islands is widespread. How to solve the problem of data islanding on the premise of data privacy security and controllability? The answer is the federal calculation of data that can be invisible, but we don’t know each other.

Federated computing solution:

Baidu security federated computing solution based on MPC can creatively solve the problem of “data cooperation and data privacy security controllable”. Baidu federated computing, BFC is an engineering and product implementation of data security and privacy protection technology, which integrates secure multi-party computing (MPC or SMC), trusted execution environment (TEE), differential privacy (DP) and data desensitization (data) Masking) and other leading data security and privacy protection technologies can carry out joint computing on the basis of data security and controllability of all parties, and obtain the calculation results required by all parties, so as to provide a secure service experience of data “available, invisible and unknown” for cross organizational data cooperation.

How to use federal computing to improve the effect of RTA delivery?

Figure: BFC solution architecture

Scheme idea:

1. Build a secure and controllable computing environment: deploy a federated computing (BFC) coordination node on Baidu cloud, and Baidu media resources and advertisers as federate computing participants, respectively deploy a federated computing node in their respective IDC. The private data of each party is connected to the local federated computing node, and the federated computing node is deployed in the local data domain of each party to ensure the security and controllability of data access. As Baidu media resources belong to Baidu, baidu media resources are managed by Baidu advertising platform.

2. Execute federated computing jobs: generate federated computing jobs according to Baidu media resources and advertisers based on the “audience group” strategy agreed by the federal algorithm. Finally, the “audience group package” required by advertisers is generated by encrypting calculation between federated computing nodes. In the process of calculation, the private data of both sides are not out of the domain, only exchange ciphertext parameters. The master node is only responsible for the federal algorithm distribution and job coordination, and does not contact the data to ensure the security and controllability of data transmission and calculation.

3. Realize RTA advertising: the advertising platform inquires the advertisers before the targeted delivery, and the advertisers return to the targeted crowd set in real time according to the targeted delivery strategy, and finally launch the targeted crowd based on the selected channel, so as to obtain more accurate targeted delivery effect.

Using the online advertising solution based on Baidu security federation computing can ensure that Baidu media resources and advertisers conduct targeted delivery on the basis of data privacy security and controllability, filter invalid traffic, significantly improve advertisers’ ROI, and achieve great promotion of marketing effect.