How to use dwin dgus


dwin Dgus is a powerful dgus screen development and configuration software developed by Beijing Diwen Technology Co., Ltd. It provides users with application modules such as project management, font generation, image conversion, serial port download, ICO generation tool and font setting. When multiple buttons and VP addresses of the same type need to be configured on a page, each button can be pressed through the quick configuration function Button and the corresponding VP address. Through this software, you can load all kinds of files you need, and you can also customize the properties to complete the settings, including the view of the video address of the file. The use of the software has been greatly enhanced. There are no redundant complex operation steps, and you don’t need to type the code you need. You can complete the operation in a few steps. Next, I will bring you dwin dgus usage, friends in need are welcome to learn!

Software name:
Dwin dgus v7.35 Chinese free green version
Software size:
Update time:
2018-11-10Download now

How to use dwin dgus:

1. First, download the file in this site, find “dgus toolv5.04. Exe” and double-click to run

2. Click the application icon of the software to enter the main interface, which includes project management, predefined parameters, etc

3. Screen attribute settings include screen size, picture pixels, storage path, etc

4. You can quickly open the items you need to use

5. After opening, you can quickly set the display, including quick operation, batch selection, quick configuration, etc

6. You can quickly set the address you need to view

7. Support for rapid adjustment of resolution, including image pixels, custom selection size

8. You can browse the imported folder quickly

At the end of the tutorial, the above is about how to use dwin dgus? Brief introduction to the use of dwin dgus software, I hope you like it! For more tips on using dwin dgus, please continue to pay attention to the developer website!