How to use computer to save electricity


How to use computer to save electricity? Computer power saving skills. As we all know, many people’s computers are not turned off all day. This not only harms computers, but also consumes electricity. Let’s take a look at how to save electricity. I hope it will be useful to you

  Computer power saving skills:

1. When the computer is suspended, if the expected pause time is less than 1 hour, it is recommended to put the computer on standby. If the pause time is longer than 1 hour, it is better to shut down the computer completely.

2. Usually use up the computer to shut down normally, should unplug the power plug or turn off the switch on the power wiring board, and gradually develop this habit of complete power-off, and do not let it in the power on state. (this can also prevent the damage of electrical appliances by lightning in thunderstorm weather)

3. Do not use peripherals such as printers, speakers should be turned off in time.

4. Reduce the brightness of the display. When doing text editing, darken the background, save energy, protect eyesight and reduce the fatigue strength of eyes. When the computer is playing music, storytelling, novels and other single audio files, the monitor can be turned off completely.

5. Many diys are keen on overclocking. As a technical test, if we can fully meet the performance requirements without overclocking, we should try our best to reduce overclocking, which is energy-saving, stable and safe.

In the standby mode, the equipment does not cut off the power supply and does not operate the main functions. It looks like it is shut down. In fact, there are a small number of lines and components in the electrical appliances working on line. The power consumption in this state is the standby energy consumption.

There are also some remote controls and intelligent switches, which not only make the electrical appliances more convenient to use, but also add an additional energy consumption to the appliances – standby energy consumption

Including mobile phone charger, even if your phone is not charging, the charger has been plugged in the power supply is always consuming power.

My practice is to directly pull down the switch after work, all power off. This can also prevent the line aging and rodent bite caused by short circuit accidents, reduce unnecessary losses.

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