How to use Axios interceptor


Sometimes we need to process the requests sent by Axios uniformly. Here we need to use interceptors

  • First, create an Axios example
    import axios from 'axios'
    const $http = axios.create({
      baseURL: '/api/',
      timeout: 5000 // request timeout
  • Request interceptor, inBefore the request is initiatedInterception processing
    //HTTP response interceptor
      config => {
          //Intercept the request and do unified processing
          console.log ('data to be requested ');
          return config
      error => {
      return Promise.reject(error) 
  • Response interceptor, after the interface returns dataBefore response processingInterception processing
    //HTTP response interceptor
      response => {
          //Intercept response and do unified processing
          console.log ('data request succeeded ');
          const res =
          return res
      //Interface error state handling, that is, handling when there is no response
      error => {
      return  Promise.reject ( error.response.status )// returns the error information returned by the interface
  • After that, you can expose the Axios example and use it normally
    export default $http

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