How to use aardio? Aardio using graphic tutorial


aardioIt supports com dynamic and static interfaces, supports standard DLL components, has the advantages of both dynamic and static languages, is compatible with popular C syntax and Pascal syntax, and has the lowest learning cost.

Software name:
Aardio v30.9.7 official free green version
Software size:
Update time:
2021-02-18Download now


usage method

1. Click the icon in the upper left corner to create or open a new project.

2. All menus or buttons can be added to the custom toolbar.

3. Import library file: open the code editor, and then double-click the library file to automatically generate import statements.

4. Intelligent prompt function: in the code editing area, enter the code, and the relevant prompt will be completed automatically.

5. Enable the intelligent prompt function of library file: right click the library and click “import intelligent prompt” in the pop-up menu.

6. Insert template code: click template file, set parameters in property panel, and then click Insert to generate code automatically.

The above is the small series for you to bring aardio using graphic tutorial, I hope to help you, more content please continue to pay attention to developer.