How to use 360 free WiFi? Introduction to 360 free WIFI


The so-called free WiFi application is actually a software that uses the local wireless network card to create WiFi hotspots with one click! It is convenient for other devices to share the Internet. Systems above win7 can also create virtual APS and WiFi hotspots, but the process and use are relatively troublesome. The function of this free WiFi is good at one click! So how to use 360 free WiFi? Here’s how to use 360 free wifi. Let’s have a look!

Tools / raw materials

Windows system; wireless network adapter; Related software.


Step 1: update the software to the latest version to obtain relevant functions;

360免费WiFi 怎么用?

Step 2: on the right, click the “free WiFi” function;

360免费WiFi 怎么用?

Step 3: if the wireless function is not turned on, turn on the wireless first;

360免费WiFi 怎么用?

Step 4: start with one key and wait for a few seconds to successfully create;

360免费WiFi 怎么用?

Then you can simply make relevant settings. In this example, another laptop is successfully connected and connected to the Internet.

360免费WiFi 怎么用?

matters needing attention

The latest version of the software is required. The wireless network card is opened first and created with one click.

The above is how to use 360 free wifi. Have you learned it? I hope it can help you!