How to update windows 10 version 1909


As early as the end of September this year, discerning users found the ESD update file named windows 10 update 1909 on the microsoft update server. At that time, of course, Microsoft was doing internal testing. On November 13, China time, Microsoft officially launched the update of windows on November 1909 (19h2).

Because Microsoft had several major version updates that caused problems in users’ computers earlier, now Microsoft is very careful about the push of this seasonal big patch package. First, the push in batches reduces the impact to a minimum. Then, if users don’t click the update manually, Microsoft won’t automatically patch you. For Windows users who don’t want to upgrade, you can rest assured.

What did windows 10 update 1909 (19h2) update in November

Different from Apple computer, Microsoft Windows Update only prompts “upgrade” in the system update, instead of listing the contents of this update to let users judge whether to upgrade, let’s poppur list the contents of this windows 10 1909 update

There are important performance upgrades to version 1909:

Earlier, Microsoft optimized the CPU core of AMD processor through windows system update, resulting in an average performance improvement of AMD CPU by 6%, which dissatisfied Intel.

In Windows 10 1909, Microsoft has also made the optimized CPU scheduling function for Intel processor users (that is, in the current multi-core CPU, there will always be 1-2 cores in the system, some of which can work at a higher frequency in Rui frequency. When you upgrade to windows 10 in 1909, the system will remember these more optimized CPU cores, and try to make the tasks spread out to run at a higher frequency or Lower heat on the core).

Therefore, for some CPUs (with 1-2 cores with better constitution), there may be surprising performance improvement after upgrading to windows 10 1909 (if you have similar constitution of each core, this kind of CPU will not be improved).

In addition to the above upgrade that has a significant impact on system performance or endurance, the windows 10 1909 update also includes the following

Users can now add schedules more quickly in the calendar application

Optimization of notification message interface, including new buttons at the top of operation center and notification sequence by latest content

Explorer integrates onedrive content with index results

When you hover over the start menu, the navigation pane expands automatically

You can switch out Cortana voice assistant through voice in the lock-in interface

Windows 10 1909 update download and update method

At present, the update of windows 10 1909 is either by downloading the complete installation of ISO, or can only be upgraded in the windows update service. The specific upgrade method is: click the “start” button – > Settings – > update and security – > Windows Update – > check the update. If you are already in the range of this batch of updates, the system will automatically display “function update version 1909 for windows 10” ”And ask if you want to download and install it now. If you haven’t seen it, wait for a few days, or join the windows inside program.

This update only takes about 10 minutes (small patch upgrade) for users who have upgraded to the 1903 version, but for users of earlier versions of windows, computers like Xiaobian almost take half an hour.