How to update win10 RS5? Win10 RS5 update and upgrade tutorial


It is getting closer and closer to the official release of win10 RS4, and the preview version of win10 RS5 has attracted everyone’s attention, so how can we upgrade win10 RS5? Today, Xiaobian will bring you a win10 RS5 upgrade tutorial, which will teach you how to upgrade win10 RS5 with secret scripts. I hope it can help you.

win10 rs5如何更新?win10 RS5更新升级教程

It’s getting closer and closer to the official release of win10 RS4. Microsoft no longer adds any new functions to RS4. I’m not happy that I like to catch up with new friends. I’ve turned my attention to the preview version of win10 RS5 just released. Of course, this RS5 didn’t disappoint us either. The second preview version (version 17618) was released, and the long-awaited tabs window (sets) was added, which was enough for us.

  Win10 RS5 is here!

But at present, win10 RS5 only pushes to global skip ahead channel users, that is to say, the vast majority of small partners have no access to this version (ahead is Microsoft’s internal test account, Global Limited, which stopped receiving new members as early as last year). But here’s a way for Xiaobian to bypass the limitation of ahead and let you upgrade win10 RS5 quickly. If you are also a fan of win10 insider preview, come and see!

Note: Please strictly follow the method and order of the following tutorial. At present, this method is still 100% effective.

1. Click to enter the “Settings” panel → “update and security” → “Windows Update” to ensure that your win10 is at least 17110 or above. If not, please upgrade yourself first;

win10 rs5如何更新?win10 RS5更新升级教程

First of all, make sure that your win10 system version is newer. If it is too old, please upgrade yourself first

2. Click “Settings” panel → “update and security” → “windows preview experience plan”, change “what kind of content do you want to receive” to “skip ahead to the next windows release”, and then keep the window still (neither close nor switch other panels);

win10 rs5如何更新?win10 RS5更新升级教程

Keep the window still after switching to skip ahead to the next windows release

3. Click Cortana search box and enter “regedit” to enter the registry editor. Expand to “computer \ HKEY \ local \ machine \ software \ Microsoft \ windowsselfhost \ applicability”, double-click “contenttype” on the right, change the default key value from “active” to “skip”, click “OK”, and keep the registry editor still;

win10 rs5如何更新?win10 RS5更新升级教程

Edit registry

4. Go back to the windows preview experience plan window again, click any tab and switch back. If the update channel has been fixed as “skip ahead to the next windows release”, it means that ahead has been authorized to apply successfully;

5. After confirming that the “ahead channel” is authorized successfully, switch the “Windows Update” tab again and check the update. After a while, you will receive the update reminder of “windows 10 insider preview 17618.1000 (RS” prerelease) “;

win10 rs5如何更新?win10 RS5更新升级教程

Go back to “Windows Update” and receive the update of win10 RS5 build 17618

  Written in the end

Win10 RS5 is still an early preview version, so Microsoft uses the ahead channel to release. In principle, the version stability of this channel is lower than that of the preview channel (fast), which is only suitable for tasting. At present, the success rate of applying for ahead channel is quite high. As long as the above steps are strictly followed, the old drivers who want to get on the train should seize the moment!

The above is the whole content of win10 RS5 update and upgrade tutorial. I hope it can help you. If you have other problems, you can leave a message and communicate with us. Please keep an eye on developepaer!