how to type underline on keyboard how to type underline symbol on computer


The underline is a symbol that we often use when designing accounts and passwords, but it is more convenient to enter on the mobile phone. On the computer, I don’t know how to type the underline on the keyboard. In fact, the method is still very simple.

How do I type an underline symbol on a computer?

Answer: The keyboard "shift + underline key" can make an underline.

You can hold down "shift" and then press "underline", which is more convenient and not easy to make mistakes.

1. If we can't type it, it may be because the "Chinese input method" is used.

2. The Chinese input method will type "-" dash instead of underscore.

3. Therefore, if we want to underline, we need to switch to "English input method" first

4. After the switch is completed, use the above method to make an underline.

We can also use the computer soft keyboard to enter underscores.

The above is the detailed content of how to type underline on the keyboard and how to type the underline symbol on the computer. For more information on the underline input method, please pay attention to other related articles on developpaer!