How to turn off the function of win11 system touch screen? Methods and steps of permanently disabling win11 touch screen


How to turn off the function of win11 system touch screen? Permanently disable the method and steps of win11 touch screen!The touch pad is a device that comes with every notebook computer. It can be used for the mouse in the era when we don’t have a mouse. But if we connect the mouse touch pad, it will affect our normal use. How should we turn off the touch pad of win11? Next, the developeppaer editor will introduce in detail the methods and steps of disabling the touch screen in win11. I hope you like it!

Win11 method 1 for closing the touch pad:

1. First, click the blank space of the taskbar and select “taskbar settings”.

2. After opening the taskbar settings, find “Bluetooth and other devices” on the left.

3. Then you can see the “touch pad” setting on the right.

4. After expansion, select “more touch pad settings” under relevant settings.

5. Finally, check “disable when inserting external USB pointing device”, and then click “OK”.

Windows PowerShell disable touch screen – permanent method

You can also turn off the touch screen system in Windows 11 using a command prompt or PowerShell. Learn how to disable the touch screen in Windows 11 using PowerShell or command prompt through the procedure described below.

Press and hold the windows button + X

Click Windows terminal (administrator)

Click Yes in the UAC dialog box

Copy and paste the following cmdlet into the PowerShell window, and then press enter

Get -pnpdevice | where object {$_.friendlyname -like ‘*touch screen*’} | disable pnpdevice -confirm:$false

The touch screen is now disabled.

To enable the touch screen again, copy and paste the following cmdlet on windows PowerShell, and then press enter

Get -pnpdevice | where object {$_.friendlyname -like ‘*touch screen*’} | enable pnpdevice -confirm:$false

Disable touch screen using registry editor – permanent method

If you want to permanently turn off the touch screen, but you are not satisfied with windows PowerShell or the command prompt, you should try this method below. It is simple and safe for any type of user.

Click the start button

Type registry editor and press enter

When a new pop-up message box appears, click Yes.

Copy link HKEY_ CURRENT_ Usersoftwaremecroftwisptouch and paste it into the address bar of the registry editor, and then press enter

Now right-click an empty area in the right pane and select new > DWORD (32-bit) value

Enter a name in the entry touchgate

Double click the value and make sure it is 0

Now close the registry editor and restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

It will not open again after any system restart or automatic update

You can reopen the touchgate entry by changing its value to 1

The above is the detailed introduction of win11 permanently disabling the touch screen function shared by developeppaer. I hope this tutorial can help you!

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