How to take a screenshot of Linux system? Linux system on the designated area of a detailed screenshot tutorial


Windows system screenshot is quite simple, there are many ways, but Linux screenshot has become a big problem, used to QQ screenshot in windows, to Linux without QQ, then how to do, PRT SC sysrq key full screen screenshot to cut again, you out, learn this move Linux screenshot no problem.

1. Turn on the terminal

Different Linux open methods are different. Terminal can be found directly in desktop version, and the simplest installation can be operated directly in comment mode.

2. Install screenshot component

Select your own system and type the following command:

Debian series (Ubuntu, mint, etc.): sudo apt get install image Magick

RedHat system (Fedora): sudo Yum install ImageMagick

3. Let’s start with the screenshots

Type in the terminal:import filename.png

4. Intercept area

Your mouse has become a cross, marking out the area you want to intercept

5. View screenshot

Enter the command ls.You’ve seen your screenshot

matters needing attention:Sudo command is an administrator’s command. Please use it sparingly to avoid system crash caused by wrong operation.

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