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In the last tutorial, we talked about the management of WordPress links. Now let’s talk about the appearance management of WordPress. WordPress blog program is very excellent. It provides a simple appearance management mode, which allows users to easily design and manage the theme of the website, to change the style of the website. Therefore, there are many enthusiastic programmers in the WordPress community, who have designed various beautiful WordPress Themes. In this section, we’ll take a look at how WordPress switches and manages the look and feel of the site (Theme).

The theme of WordPress is to have a series of template files and components, usually including a CSS style file, at least a PHP code file, and possibly some picture files.

After downloading, the theme file of WordPress needs to be decompressed first, and then uploaded to your virtual host through FTP or other ways, to the WP content / themes / directory of the WordPress installation directory. Then you can see your newly uploaded theme in the management background.

Click appearance on the console to enter the WordPress appearance. There are two sub Tags: theme and theme editor.


Here we can see all the themes we uploaded. Most themes have a preview that allows you to see the style before you use it.

At the bottom of the renderings is an introduction to this topic, along with a link to its designer.

It’s very easy to switch between different themes, usually just click on the renderings of the theme you want. However, I still suggest that before using a new theme, please take a look at the installation of this theme, such as whether you need the support of a plug-in.

Theme Editor

This is an online theme editing function provided by WordPress, which can help you to fine tune the website style. If you want to edit online, you need to set your file permissions to 777.

If you want to make a big adjustment, I still suggest that you install a WordPress locally for adjustment test to avoid affecting the normal browsing of your website users.

How to get WordPress Theme

Here are some websites about WordPress topics listed on the official WordPress website:

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In addition, you can search through Google, Baidu and other search engines. There are many beautiful WordPress Themes on the Internet waiting for you to find.