How to stop the computer from installing malicious software


In the process of daily use of the computer, every time the user browses some websites, it is inevitable that software downloads will occur, and sometimes the system always installs some software without its own authorization, resulting in the need for users to manually After uninstalling, how to solve the problem that the computer is always installing some messy software? The following editor will tell you how to solve the software that is always installed on the computer.

Shield computer to automatically install rogue software tutorial:

1. Press the "windows key" + "R key" at the same time to open the run in the computer, enter "gpedit.msc" in it and click OK.

2. In the local group policy editor, find "windows settings" and click, open "security settings", then find "local policy" and click.

3. Next, find "Security Options" and click it.

4. At this time, there will be a lot of options. Pull down to find "User account administrator-approved privilege elevation behavior" and double-click to open it.

5. Here is the local security setting, we changed "Consent prompt for non-windows binary files" to "Consent prompt".

The above is the detailed content of how to prevent the computer from installing malicious software when the computer always installs messy software. For more information about the tutorial on shielding the computer from automatically installing rogue software, please pay attention to other related articles on developpaer!