How to speed up the subtle differences between the contents of two txt files?


Sometimes, in order to confirm whether the two txt files have been modified or not, and whether there are differences, when the content of the files is relatively large and the differences are very small, it is difficult to distinguish them directly by naked eyes. For example, below, we need to use computers to help us.

1. Copy the two txt files to be compared to the same directory. To ensure convenient command input later, the directory path should not be too long.Be careful, the contents of the two files cannot be too different, or they cannot be compared smoothly.

2. Save the two txt files to be compared as simple file names for the convenience of command input later.

3. Open“start”Menu, enter in the lower left cornercmd, and enter.

4. In the pop-up window, enter the command“E:”Press enter to enter disk e of the directory where the two txt files are located.

5. Re input“cd compare”Command and enter to enter the folder where the two txt files are located.

6, useFC commandTo compare two files, enter the command“fc 1.txt 2.txt”And enter to compare the two files.

7. By observing the comparison results after inputting the command, we can find that the computer clearly shows us two differences between the two txt files, and gives the different context, which is very concise and clear.

matters needing attention:

In theory, other files can also be compared with this method, but because other file formats are more complex, less accurate, fallacious and not intuitive, this method is only used to compare txt files.

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