How to solve the system error 2 when installing MySQL without installation?


Some users may download the green version of software without installation on the Internet. They can copy the software at will, which is easy to carry and delete. But some users in the computer MySQL installation free version configuration failure and prompt system error 2. Next, I’d like to introduce the specific configuration method and the solution to the related errors.

1. Right click to extract the file;

2. The decompressed file will prevent the commonly used software installation path;

3. Find my- default.ini File, edit and save:

# basedir = …..

# datadir = …..

Find these two lines, copy them to the next line of [mysqld], and then remove the signature ා, and modify the following path, such as:

Basedir = D / dev / MySQL (the location of the installation free package should be filled in according to the specific situation)

DataDir = D / dev / MySQL / data (location of database file)

Then add the following on the next line:



4. Configure system environment: open environment variable settings and create MySQL in user variable (system variable)_ The home variable with the value of D: ﹣ dev ﹣ mysql

Create a new path variable in user environment variable (system variable), with group and value of% mysql_ Home% bin is OK;

5. Registration service: run the command prompt as an administrator, enter the bin directory of MySQL, enter mysqld install and press enter;

6. Start service: enter net start MySQL and press enter;

7. Then you can log in to MySQL;

8. If the system error 2 is prompted and the system cannot find the specified file, what to do;

9. You can execute the command mysqld install again, and you can find the prompt “the current server installed:” C: program files / MySQL / MySQL server 5.6 / mysqld ” mysqld.exe The path is in D: \\ mysqld.exe ;

10. Even if the environment variables are configured correctly, you should go to the MySQL / bin directory when starting mysqld

First remove the service with the last installation error: mysqld – remove, and then start the service:

mysqld install

net start mysql

The above and everyone introduced is the specific configuration method of MySQL free installation version in the computer and the solution to prompt system error 2. Interested users are welcome to follow developeppaer!