How to solve the problem that the recycle bin is damaged when deleting computer files


We know that when we click to delete a file in the computer, the file is actually moved to the recycle bin. Users can go to the recycle bin to restore or delete the file completely. However, some users prompt that the recycle bin is damaged when deleting files. If there is such a problem, first determine which disk partition’s recycle bin is damaged from the prompt, and then solve it according to the following method.

1. Press Win + R to open and run, enter CMD and enter;

2. Enter and execute the command rd / s X: \ \ recycled in the command prompt, replace the X with the disk of the damaged recycle bin in the prompt, and press y to confirm after the prompt to delete the recycle bin;

3. After restarting the computer, the system will automatically create a new deleted recycle bin, which can be used normally.

If the computer indicates that the recycle bin is damaged, you can use the method in this article to repair it.