How to solve the problem that the installation process has been broken during the installation or update of Apple OS X system


How to solve the problems such as “the installation process has been destroyed” or “the program copy cannot be verified” in the OS X system installation or update, “the OS X Yosemite application copy cannot be verified”, or “it may have been damaged or tampered with in the download process” and other problems often appear in the installation process of OS X Yosemite. Sometimes a simple restart or re installation can solve the problem. However, if the problem persists, you can fix it by modifying the MAC system date.

1. Any program installation based on OS X Yosemite system may have similar problems, such as apple store update, network recovery, program uninstall, etc. If the user encounters this problem during the regular installation or update of OS X in the apple store, they can solve the problem by clicking  go to apple menu > System Preferences > date & time, and select auto adjust date and time. Network access must be guaranteed during operation. If the terminal does not set the network date.

2. In order to determine whether the terminal date setting solves the problem or not, to re install OS X, the user needs to open the “install OS X” Startup menu > command line, pull down the “utility” menu option, select “terminal”, and then enter the following command: date, click enter. If the report date is the current date, the cause of the problem can be found, as shown in the figure: mon Jan 19 The line 09:55:15 PST 1984 is very important. I think that only if the date is correct can OS X be successfully installed. If changing the date encounters the release period of OS X, the above error will appear, so the year is particularly important. If the time is wrong, there are two ways to set it, which can be set to automatically adjust the date. Setting through the network should be simple and convenient: ntpdate – U This cannot be done if the MAC does not have network access, so users need to use manual settings. If you are familiar with the command line, you can use date help for retrieval. This date format may be a little strange – “[mm] DD] HH] mm [[CC] YY]”, which is actually “month, day, hour, hour, year”. This is a fixed line format, and spaces and other symbols cannot be added between numbers. For example, set the date to “September 20 2016 at” 17: The user can see the following syntax: date 0920173316. This looks like a group of random numbers, but it is actually composed of months 09, time 1733 and year 16.

3. Once you enter the date and click enter, you can exit the terminal and start the installation of OS X, and the above problems will never occur again.

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