How to solve the problem that the computer can log in QQ but not browse the web?


I believe that many people have encountered this problem, clearly can log in QQ, but the web page is unable to open, and this situation is often accompanied by an exclamation mark on the network card icon. Here’s a way for Xiaobian to make sure it’s easy to use.

First, input CMD in the start menu, and right-click to select in command character mode“Run as Administrator”(please input win7 in the operation of start menu)

Next, enter ipconfig / displaydns and press enter. Notice that a space is left after ipconfig. At this time, do you have many cached DNS resolution server addresses? These are DNS caches used by computers. Sometimes, the failure of DNS will lead to the problem of being able to log on QQ and not being able to access the Internet.

After that, enter ipconfig / flushdns enter (pay attention to the space), clear DNS, and try to get online – this step is to clear the cache, and the system will ask the superior router / operator for automatic DNS server allocation again. Two DNS are also recommended here, such as (Telecom DNS) and 223.5.5/ (alidns). You can manually set them in the adapter advanced options.

If you find that the web page still cannot log in, please enter Netsh Winsock reset. This command can reinitialize the network environment, including IP address, DNS, network card, etc. It should be noted that after Netsh Winsock reset is input, the computer must be restarted once.

If your dial-up link is normal, then 98% of the network is likely to return to normal use at this time, and the other 2%, of which 1% is modest , the other 1% is your network card hardware failure (may also be a driver problem), go to buy lottery

The above is the computer can log on QQ can not browse the web solutions, the operation is very simple, we can follow the above steps to operate, hope this article can help you!