How to solve the problem that the available memory of the computer is inconsistent with the actual memory?


Each computer has its own configuration. Users only need to open the properties of the computer to view the general condition of the computer. For example, the system, CPU, memory and other information are here. However, recently, some users found that 4G or more memory has been installed, but it says that less than 4G is available. This is generally because the system is 32-bit. The following small series brings you the solution to the inconsistency between the available computer memory and the actual memory. Come and have a look!


1. In short, the maximum memory address space that can be read by the 32-bit system is only 4G. It is a waste if some 32-bit systems cannot be used.

2. Therefore, you must see clearly when reinstalling the system. As long as it is a 64 bit processor, install a 64 bit operating system. If you don’t pay attention and install a 32-bit system, all aspects of the computer’s performance will be greatly reduced, which will bring great inconvenience.