How to solve the problem of win10 unloading input method icon?


As we all know, some win10 users find that after they uninstall some previously used applications, the data is gone, but the application icon still exists. Win10 uninstall input method icon is still how to do? In addition to unloading the input method icon, Xiaobian thinks that it may be because the files in our system are not completely deleted. You can clear it completely in the control panel or explorer. Don’t miss it.

Win10 uninstall input method icon is still how to do

Method 1

[control panel] delete

1. Press the [win + R] key at the same time, and input [appwiz. CPL]

2. Click the program you want to delete, select uninstall, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

3. Restart the machine

Method 2

Delete manually in resource manager

1. Open file resource browser

2. Search the keywords of relevant software and manually delete the residual files

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