How to solve the problem of spreading QR code invalidation by wechat live code technology


Many companies will promote their products by Poster QR code or printing QR code. However, when there are many people scanning the QR code, a large number of people pay attention to it in a short time, or the QR code will be blocked due to malicious reports. Therefore, how to do well in two-dimensional code anti sealing and ensure the service life of two-dimensional code in the promotion process is essential. So, how to prevent this situation? Here, we can use the wechat encryption and anti blocking of monkey data to generate wechat live code for promotion. The encryption and anti blocking server will carry out multi-level encryption and multi-level encapsulation to ensure the resistance of the generated anti blocking link and anti blocking QR code, so as to effectively prevent the phenomenon of QR code being blocked and blocked. Especially in the promotion of APP download, registration and other products, the effect is very obvious.
How to solve the problem of spreading QR code invalidation by wechat live code technology

When it comes to anti sealing, there are various methods on the Internet, but it’s really reliable but hard to recognize. So it’s very important to choose a safe, stable and efficient anti sealing tool for wechat domain name! Monkey data is such an old platform with five years of interface experience, especially in the field of anti sealing, with professional technical development team as support, business team in the early stage and after-sales team for maintenance. Based on the stability, reliability and protection of customers’ interests, more than 1200 customers have been continuously used, with a daily request of tens of millions. The interface is simple and convenient to operate. Even novices can quickly get familiar with it. If you want to know more technology or have any technical requirements, you can contact me through the home page!

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