How to solve the problem of computer password forgetting


 The computer password forgot the solution:

  Method 1:

If the user name administrator does not appear on the interface when we power on, then we will press and hold the “Ctrl” + “ALT” key in this interface state, and then press the “delete” key twice in a row, then a classic windows login interface will appear. The user name is administrator, and the password is empty.

电脑密码忘了怎么办 电脑密码忘记了解决方法

  Method two:

1. If your computer has logged in to the system, but you forget your password, this is the easiest case

Open computer management as shown in the figure

2. Then, right-click the user name and click change password. You can change it without entering a long password

电脑密码忘了怎么办 电脑密码忘记了解决方法1

3. If the system fails to log in, but DOS or one key recovery or maxdos are installed, the system can be directly recovered by one key. When the system is powered on, within 5 seconds, press and hold the up and down keys to appear and enter, and then directly recover by one key

电脑密码忘了怎么办 电脑密码忘记了解决方法2

4. Use the windows password cracking tool that comes with the CD-ROM, set the BIOS as CD-ROM startup, change the first boot device to DVD CDROM, and then restart OK to enter the CD-ROM, and click the password cracking!

电脑密码忘了怎么办 电脑密码忘记了解决方法3

  Method three:

1. Restart the computer, press F8 and hold until the advanced option screen appears, then release your hand and select “safe mode of command prompt” to enter.

2. At the end of the running process, the system lists the selection menus of the system super user “Administrator” and the local user “****”. Click “Administrator” to enter the command line mode.

电脑密码忘了怎么办 电脑密码忘记了解决方法4

3. Type the command: “net user **** 123456 / add” to force the password of the user “****” to be changed to “123456”. If you want to add a new user here (for example, the user name is ABCDEF and the password is 123456), please type “net user ABCDEF 123456 / add”. After adding, you can use the command “net localgroup administrators ABCDEF / add” to promote the user to the user of system management group “administrators” and make him have super authority.

电脑密码忘了怎么办 电脑密码忘记了解决方法5

4. Restart the computer, select normal mode to run, and then you can log in to the “****” user with the changed password “123456”.

  Method four:

Using Windows XP system to install CD to repair the system and crack the super computer administrator password

Step 1: set the system to CD boot, and put in the system installation CD. When the first selection interface appears, press enter. When the second selection interface appears, press “R” to repair the installation. Setup then checks the disk and starts copying the files. After the file is copied, the system will restart automatically.

The second step: after restart, the system will enter the graphical installation interface. Note: at this time, pay close attention to the lower left corner of the interface. Once the “installing equipment” progress bar appears, press the combination key “Shift + F10” immediately. Then something unexpected happens. A command prompt window appears in front of us. This is the key to password cracking.

Step 3: type “lusrmgr. MSc” in the command prompt window and enter (without double quotes) to open the local users and groups administration tool. Click “user” on the left, then right-click the administrator account on the right, and select “set password”.

A warning window will pop up. After changing the password, some information in the system will become inaccessible. This mainly refers to the files encrypted with EFS, and the certificates have not been exported before, then these files will not be accessible after changing the password.

If there is no such file, I will ignore it, just click “continue”, then enter the new password, and click OK. Then close the local users and groups and command prompt windows and continue with the repair installation. After the installation, the system administrator account is “activated” again.

  Method 5 (only for users of Win2000 system)

You can install an XP system on other partitions. The partition format of the hard disk should be the same as the original one. Please be careful not to install it on the same partition as the original XP! Before you start, you must back up the boot area MBR in advance. There are many ways to back up the MBR, such as the antivirus software KV3000, etc.

After installation, log in with administrator. Now you have absolute write permission to the original XP. You can test the original Sam and use 10phtcrack to get the original password.

You can also overwrite all the files under the winntsystem32config of the newly installed XP to the C: winntsystem32config directory (install the original XP here), and then use KV3000 to restore the previously indignant main boot area MBR. Now you can log in XP as administrator.

Delete the SAM file in the C: winntsystem32config directory and restart it. This is, the administrator account has no password.

This method is valid for 2000 and invalid for XP. After deletion, you cannot log in to windows.

  Method six:

Countermeasures under WinXP / 2000: delete the SAM file under the system installation directory \ system32 \ config and restart it. At this time, the administrator administrator account has no password. Log in to the system with the administrator account without entering any password. After entering the system, reset the login account password.

If the CMOS password is forgotten:

Buckle the battery out of the main board, wait for 10 minutes and install it in reverse.

电脑密码忘了怎么办 电脑密码忘记了解决方法6

Cancel CMOS password without discharging:

1. Run enter CMD to open the command prompt and enter debug.

2. Enter “O 70 10” for enter (Note: enter English o, not the number 0, there is a space between O and 70, and there is a space between 70 and 10).

3. Enter “O 71 10” to enter (Note: enter English o, not the number 0, there is a space between O and 71, and there is a space between 71 and 10).

4. Enter “Q” to enter.

5. Restart the computer, and the CMOS password has been cleared (the double quotes above are not entered).

  Method 7 (only for users of win7 system):

1 find a PE disk to start the computer

2 after entering PE, go to C: \ windows \ system32

(1) Change the owner of magic.exe and cmd.exe to: Administrators

(2) Change the permissions administrators of magic.exe and cmd.exe to full control

(3) Change the name of magic.exe to magic.exe1 change the name of cmd.exe to magic.exe

3 change password

(1) Restart to Windows 7

(2) Enable magnifier

(3) The rest is very simple. Enter the command “net user” to view the user name, and then enter the command “net user user user name new password”. (activate the administrator account using net user administrator / active: Yes) finally close the command prompt window, enter the new password just set in the login password box, and see if it has successfully entered the system! Finally, don’t forget to change back the previously moved and renamed files, which is a serious back door!

4 forgot the password, unable to log in to the system.

This situation is troublesome to deal with. I tried security mode, win7 system disk repair, and logged in to winpe, but I couldn’t modify system files. It seems that vista can’t be used before. My method is similar to logging in to winpe to modify files. I need an Ubuntu installation CD here. My version is 8.10 desktop.

Select the CD to start, enter the Ubuntu installation interface, select the language, and then enter the first item “Try Ubuntu without changing…”.

Next, wait for the file to be loaded, which will take a little longer. After entering the desktop, open the X: \ windows \ system32 folder of win7, cut “osk.exe” here to another location, rename “cmd.exe” to “osk.exe”, and then restart from the hard disk.

You can also try to use the win7 optimization master software to the win7 login window, click the “easy access” icon in the lower left corner of the screen, and then check “start screen keyboard” in the pop-up window, and click “OK”. At this time, the command prompt is launched.

The rest is very simple. Enter the command “net user” to view the user name, and then enter the command “net user user user name new password”.

Finally, close the command prompt window, enter the new password just set in the login password box, and see if you have successfully entered the system! Finally, do not forget to change back the previously moved and renamed files.

The above is the computer password forgotten how to do all the content, hope to help everyone!

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