How to solve the problem of changing the command prompt Chinese into question mark or box in Windows system?


After a lot of people’s computers have been tampered with, the command prompt in Chinese has becomeor, which greatly affects the use and viewing of the dir command, and many people are worried about it. So how can we change it back?

1. Enter the command prompt“chcp 936”(There are no quotation marks),Then the thunderbolt steals the bell to ring the jingle the potential to knock the Enter key! Wait with joy!

2. If the command prompt appears:Activity code page: 936It’s a success! enjoy it!

3. If the above characters do not appear in the command prompt, it means failure, but don’t lose heart, see another method.

4. Right click on the edge of the command prompt window and click“Default value

5. Then choose simplified Chinese 936 (as shown in the figure), turn a somersault, shake hands, and press OK.

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