How to solve the problem of CentOS boot system not displaying progress bar?


Test version: CentOS 6.6

To edit the startup grub profile:

#VI / boot / grub / grub.conf or / etc / grub.conf soft connect files. The contents of the two files are the same.

Delete the “rhgb” at the end of the kernel line to save and exit. Restart after deletion will not display the system progress bar;

If you delete “quiet” or “rhgb quiet”, the progress bar will not be displayed.



Another way:

Start up menu press e


Press e to enter the following interface and select the second line kernel


Then press e to enter the kernel command line, delete “rhgb”, press enter to return to the previous menu, and press B to start the system.

This operation only takes effect when the modification is made. After restarting the computer, the configuration file / etc / grub.conf is still the main one.


Rhgb stands for RedHat graphics boot, that is, you will see the picture instead of the text information displayed during startup, which can also be seen by dmesg after startup.

Quiet indicates that only important information is displayed during startup, and messages similar to hardware self-test will not be displayed.