How to solve the incompatibility between USB printing support and USB 3.0?


When some users use the printer, they pop up the prompt “USB printing support is an older USB device, which may not be compatible with USB3.0”. Most of them are caused by the incompatible system version. At this time, they need to download a new system patch for installation. Let’s see the detailed tutorial below.

1. Click the bottom left corner of the computer【start】Menu bar, selecting【Set up】。

2. Click【system[in [system】Interface found【about】, view the windows system version number.

3. After entering the Microsoft official website, click【Windows】。

4.Windows】Drag the page mouse to the end, click【Download Center】。


5.Download Center】Page’s【Hot Download】Middle click【Windows PC security optimization and it tools】。

6. Find the [kb4055254] patch to install and restart the computer.


1. Find the version number of the computer system.

2. Open the Microsoft official website.

3. Click [download center].

4. Find the [kb4055254] patch to install and restart the computer.

The above is the solution that USB printing support is not compatible with USB 3.0. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developepaer.

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