How to solve the “headline news” when win10 starts up


When using the computer, it is inevitable that you will encounter various pop-up windows when you start the computer, for example, recently, there are WIn10 systemWhen users turn on the computer, they always find that the “headline news” advertising window will pop up. It’s very annoying to close it manually each time. Then how to solve this problem? This headline news appears after the installation of Sogou input method. This article will give you a tutorial on how to solve the problem.

Method 1

1. Click the “gear” button in the headline news box;

How to solve the

2. Then click no more pop-up and close the window.

How to solve the

Method 2

1. At the same time, press Ctrl + Shift + ESC to open the task manager;

2. Switch to [start] card selection;

How to solve the

3. Right click “headline news” under the startup item and select “disable”!

How to solve the

The above is the win10 boot will pop up “headline news” detailed solution, have encountered the same situation users can close it according to the above method.

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