How to solve the fatal error dev error 6345 of win10 system playing call of duty theater?


The call of duty theater is a chicken eating game favored by players. However, the more people play, the more problems they will encounter. When playing the call of duty theater game, users of win10 professional system appear a fatal error window and display dev error 6345, resulting in the failure of the normal game. How to deal with this problem, Xiaobian tells you about the solution to the fatal error dev error 6345 in the call of duty theater of win10 system.

The fault diagram is as follows:

Win10系统玩使命召唤战区致命错误DEV ERROR 6345怎么处理

The solution is as follows:

Some files have problems, which makes the game unable to run normally

1. Delete the main folder in the file, and then scan and repair the game. Some netizens tested effective.

2. Delete the main folder and enter the game directly. Some netizens tested effective. In order to avoid other problems, it is recommended to repair it, which is safer.

3. Delete the main folder in the game directory and the ppsod.dat file in my document \ call of Duty Modern War \ players. After this step is completed, repair the game and restart to complete the login.

4. If the above methods cannot solve the fault, it may be a server problem. You can try to log in to another server.

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